Chiffon Patisserie

Chiffon Patisserie, located (nearly) next door to Bikram Yoga Vancouver HQ, is a bright spot along West Broadway Avenue. Having fed our hungry office staff for years, we figured it’s about time to profile this tiny, tasty bakery, deli and café!

Chiffon Patisserie VancouverBusiness name:

Chiffon Patisserie


Ivanna Chan


1073 West Broadway


Coffee, tea, soups, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, pastries, desserts; breakfast, brunch, lunch and deli items

Owner and chef extraordinaire Ivanna opened Chiffon, with its cheerful yellow awning and brightly lit interior, a few years after graduating from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts with a diploma in baking and pastry arts. Using only the best ingredients and produce available, Ivanna and her staff create more than 20 different sandwiches, along with soups, salads, specialty coffees and teas and classic French pastries fresh daily.

Chiffon Patisserie Vancouver

Staff Picks

Not sure what to order? Here are some of our office staff’s fave menu items from Chiffon:

  • Trevor (social media and marketing manager): Veggie delight sandwich and Tuscan corn chowder
  • Rob (manager): Lemongrass chicken sandwich and French onion soup
  • Adam (CEO): Orzo salad with beets
  • Josephreen (accountant): Gluten-free monster cookie and dark chocolate nut cluster

Customer Reviews

Best Damn Food Blog: “The cakes and pastries in the next display case were magnetizing. Hypnotizing. Salivatizing! I ended up getting the coconut purple yam bar, nibbling on it during work, wondering to myself how it was so good. Slightly sweet purple yam filling sandwiched by a soft crumble layer on the bottom and a coconut pudding layer above, topped with a little bit of fresh cream and toasted shredded coconut. How divine! How sublime! The portion size was quite generous, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Wands & Pliers: “The cinnamon bun had a flaky texture, similar to a croissant. And despite [the fact] that this bun sat in my bag for a good three hours … it did not melt or get dry. The frosting on the top was more of a sugary glaze, and a lot of it flaked off when I bit into it. The inside was really delicious and they packed a lot of cinnamon in.”

Chow Times: “The pavlova with strawberries … is crispy and light, yet chewy at the end. We ate like little kids with bits scattered over the table.”

Terris on Yelp: “I ordered mushroom soup, a curried tortellini salad, a turkey sandwich with cranberry and stuffing, and pavlova for dessert. I even got a drink and the bill was under $20! They also change their desserts, salads and specials on a regular basis and it’s made in house. If I lived closer, I’d eat here every day.”

Kerstin on Yelp: “The gluten-free cookie was satisfying and delicious … and the croissant bread pudding is as comforting as comfort food gets. Everything sweet and savoury, except the bread that is delivered daily, is made in-house from scratch – the daily soups are clear proof of this.”

Mandy on Yelp: “My sister and I stopped in and split a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, which was shockingly even better than it sounded. The cupcake was traditional chocolate, not too heavy, nor dry, and the icing tasted exactly like the filling of a Reese Cup, only whipped into fluffy submission. Do yourself a favour and put this in your face. Right now.”

More from Mandy on Yelp: “Today they had bacon cupcakes for sale: chocolate cupcakes with a big pile of bacon on top. Holy crap I love this place.”

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