VINCE: We’ve always kind of known each other because of our siblings. Dimitri used to work with my cousin at H&M, and I went to Mexico with his sister-in-law …

DIMITRI: We actually started talking to each other because of yoga! Vince saw a post on my Facebook wall about taking a hot yoga class downtown and commented on it. We’ve been talking ever since!

Practising alone or as a pair – which do you prefer?

DIMITRI: It’s great having a partner that enjoys doing yoga. It’s another activity that we can do together. It also helps having someone to motivate the other on those lazy days!

What do you admire most about each other’s practice?

VINCE: Dimitri’s got massively muscular legs! Seriously. Just look at them. They’re amazing! Just kidding; Dimitri always comes into class with such a great attitude. He has the ability to work really hard without taking himself too seriously. Whenever I take class with him I always notice him smiling at himself and the teacher when he falls out of postures. It’s really quite inspirational.

DIMITRI: Any opportunity to see Vince in less clothing is great! I’m not kidding. He always brings such an amazing sense of focus to his practice. His determination is inspiring and I often look to him for motivation when I’m feeling weak. What I love most about his practice is that the same characteristics he brings to class are evident in our relationship. Everything Vince does, he does wholeheartedly and invests every ounce of his effort into. It’s his strength that continually causes me to gravitate closer to him.

What do you admire most about each other outside of the hot room?

VINCE: Dimitri, in a lot of ways, is my opposite. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and lay everything out on the line. He’s more thoughtful and deliberate. What I appreciate about him the most is that he’s seen me at my best and at my worst, at my most accomplished and at my darkest – and he’s been so patient through it all and still loves me. Plus … have you seen those legs?

DIMITRI: I admire Vince for sitting in bed with me every Sunday, eating Chinese food and watching the Food Network! Also: his ability to challenge me. I’ve always been one to internalize my emotions, but Vince has taught me that it’s OK to let my guard down. He really has made me a better person and I thank him for it every day.

What’s the best – and most challenging – thing about love … and Bikram Yoga?

VINCE: The best part? Sharing clothes! Dimitri and I are the same size. It’s like having two wardrobes!

DIMITRI: And we can’t forget about Vince’s dog, Linus! Sometimes I go over just to see him …

VINCE: Seriously, though, the thing about two guys being in a relationship together is that sense of competition and comparison – it’s inevitable. “Why can’t I get deeper into that posture? Why don’t my abs or arms look like that? Why does he look better in my shirt?” The trick is that you have to really be confident in yourself to ignore those thoughts.

DIMITRI: The hardest part for me has been making decisions with each other’s best interests at heart. I’m so used to giving quick answers and taking spontaneous actions. You can’t do that when you’re in a committed relationship. You have to always take into account the feelings of your partner … that’s something I’m still working on!

Any special plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

VINCE: Other than the obvious? Ha! I’m letting Dimitri plan this one so I’ll let him answer …

DIMITRI: What?! I thought you were planning it!?!


DIMITRI: Love you!


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