Bikram Yoga Vancouver would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the first ever Summer Showdown Challenge.   Weather-wise, we saw one of the best July’s on record, but that did not affect your dedication and commitment to get into the hot room!  The 3 month challenge was exactly that; it was challenging…it was hot…but it was also fun as we help push each other to try a little harder.  Again, congratulations to everyone!

Please check the list below to see if you are also one of the lucky winners of our Summer Showdown prizes!   All winners will also be notified by email over the next several days.

Onzie Headband

Zhen C

Sandra B

Sandy C

Heidi G

Deanna H

Tangfang F

Ardis B

Myra M


Posture Clinic and 60 Minute Express Class Ticket

Belinda K

Alison M

Shawn R

Hernan O

Peggy B

Holly M

Thom R

Shiho H

Candice Y

Ralph C


Master Core Class Ticket

Sako K

Lana D

Allan H

Kim L

Gwen B


5 Class Monthly Pass

Kimberly C

Kerry W

Sandie Y

Alev G

Sara D


10 Class Flex Pass

Akiko H

Kelley M


1 Year Unlimited

Bobby S


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