Keith Kidwell Vancouver

For the past two years Keith has been working behind the scenes, helping BYV with various marketing initiatives, redeveloping our website, brand development and staff training. When he’s not busy connecting BYV with the community, he’s in the hot room connecting his body with his mind.

Tell us about your very first Bikram Yoga class …

My wife asked me to take a class with her as part of a birthday wish. I went to the Kits studio with one goal: to stay in the room for the full 90 minutes. It was tough!

How often do you practise these days?

I’m just getting back into Bikram Yoga after an injury; I find that going twice a week at this point is helping to accelerate my recovery. I’ve already gained much mobility back.

What other benefits have you gained from Bikram Yoga?

Besides stretching my muscles and mending old injuries, Bikram Yoga has given me more peace of mind and a better connection to my body.

What do you love most about Bikram Yoga?

The floor series! I’m physically tired when I lie down on my mat, and I think that state of being engages my consciousness. Being preoccupied with the body’s immediate need for rest becomes the focus of my thoughts at that moment – nothing else matters. A very immediate present state occurs as the body recuperates. It’s a bit like relishing or “glowing” in the moment of recovery.

What do you love most about working at BYV?

I love that it’s all about the yoga, really. The staff is dedicated, which helps me feel connected to myself and the community. I also like to give back; working with BYV lets me do that, as does another website I manage that sells fair-trade Mexican hammocks and serapes. In December 2012 I visited the Mayan towns where these hammocks are made. The people there live so simply. It was humbling to see how basic life is for so many. They seemed to possess the same peace we seek through Bikram Yoga.

Can you share any insider’s secrets about BYV?

Always breathe through your nose! And, if you get a chance to practise at Kits, come early so you can sit on the benches and chat with the regulars before class. This kind of positive interaction and connection will lift your practise once you’re in the hot room!

Final thoughts about Bikram Yoga Vancouver?

I’d like to give a shout out to the front-desk staff for sure – they are the face of BYV, along with our dedicated teachers. You can’t have one without the other.

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