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This past Saturday, February 16, 2013 was a nice change of pace for the quiet¬†neighborhood¬†surrounding Bikram Yoga Vancouver’s Kitsilano studio. An extra crowd of glistening fresh-faced yogis shuffled down the sidewalks before or after the free hot yoga classes that ran at the yoga studio all day. Not only was the studio extra busy that day and buzzing with energy, Danny Dworkis was even rumoured to have been spotted teaching his first class in Kitsilano since early 2012 and Lisa Pelzer began her very own series of posture clinics to a group of well-deserved yogis.

BYV’ers from all across Vancouver cheered as they munched on the abundant fresh fruit and sipped on the generously donated Vega electrolyzer.

Take a look at just a little of the action that took place around the Kitsilano studio that day and let us know if you were able to make it down for the festivities.

Kitsilano Hot Yoga Studio - Bikram Yoga Vancouver

Kitsilano Hot Yoga Studio - Bikram Yoga Vancouver
Earlybird students start rolling in for the 2:15 class.

Vega Electrolyzer

Vega generously donated enough Electrolyte Hydrator for all the thirsty students all day!

Kitsilano Hot Yoga Studio - Bikram Yoga Vancouver

Ashely Grimm Cassie Cowie

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