Read this comment by Chiropractor Dr. Daniel E. Zybutz on how Bikram Yoga can change the shape of your life:

The modern world has blessed and cursed us with cars, remote controls to our televisions, computers and iPhones, all of which require us to sit still while using them. After sitting at a desk for 12 years in school, many of us are thrust into the work force only to find ourselves riding a desk once again.

Science has recently made some eye opening discoveries regarding movement and health. Movement has been found to be the number one nutrient for the brain. Often referred to as kinesthetic stimulation, it has been documented that without movement, the brain actually shrinks over time. Reduced flexibility leads to pain and dysautonomia (malfunctioning of the nervous system).

Repetitive stress injuries are more prevalent now than ever. Ask yourself, how may people do you know with sore backs, necks and wrists? Now ask yourself what are they doing about it? Popping pills? Avoiding exercise?

Your body possesses an amazing ability to heal and recover if given the chance. So at the end of the day we have a choice…to plop in front of the TV and do some “surfing” or do our body a favor and practice Bikram Yoga!


Bikram Yoga is unique in that the poses are designed to help the body heal.  In addition to Bikram Yoga, re-introducing movement to the body can be accomplished through Chiropractic adjustments to aid in healing and recovery, just as Bikrams works to heal and support injured tissue. .Bikrams Yoga can essentially help reverse all the damage done in a day of sitting.  At 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week, Bikrams will help you prevent “Brain Shrinkage”, boost your immune system, prevent premature aging, and help you manage stress.

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