Watermelon Mint Blended Juice!

Something anyone can make and three ways of doing it.
Easy way: scoop out watermelon, add mint and blend in the blender.
More nutritional way: slice watermelon to fit juicer, juice the whole thing, including the white pith and the green peel. 95% of the nutrients are actually in the pith and peel, especially B vitamin complex as well as chlorophyll. Then, put fresh watermelon juice in blender with mint. Do not juice the peel of a non-organic watermelon. When made like this, watermelon juice is a kidney tonic, good for flushing out toxins and cleaning the blood. Do not mix melon juices with other juices as they don’t combine well for digestion.
If it’s friday night: add a shot of vodka, serve chilled on ice, flush the toxins as you put them in.

Refreshing Lentil Salad

Rinse and wash dry french green lentils
Cook 3 parts water to one part lentils for about 30 minutes
Rinse with cold water and cool in the fridge.
Thinly slice fennel and add to cooled lentils.
One part organic fig balsamic vinegar, two parts flax oil, dash of agave syrup, salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh green curly parsley
This salad is high in protein, the flax gives it omega-3-6, and the organic parsley has 70 different trace minerals for the body. Enjoy!
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