1. “For me it was making yoga my first priority,” says Julie B, “Everything else came second. Also, remember that it will become a habit that you look forward to.”

2. Elviro advises, “Get support from your loved ones.” Be sure to keep them informed on your commitment so they can cheer you on!

3. Sheanna says, “Just commit to one day at a time – one day, one posture and it grows from there.” The best thing for Sheanna mentally was breaking the experiment down into manageable steps instead of trying to grasp the whole three months at once.

4. “Find someone to dedicate your practice to,” says Julie R, “someone who needs inspiration.”

5. Jane suggests, “Make sure to have Emergen-C and drink WAY more water than usual.”

6. Sheanna noted, “Be kind to yourself because it’s for you.”

7. “Perseverance. Just do it!” urges Julie B.

8. Julie R advises, “Every morning read 2 or 3 of the health benefits of the practice and consider what they would mean for your life.”

9. Elviro agrees that taking it one day at a time is helpful and he advises, “Go to bed early.”

10. “This may sound weird but shower right afterward,” suggests Jane.

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