New Hot Yoga Class Schedule in Effect October 1

The time has finally come to start thinking about the leaves falling from the trees and getting those cozy scarves and sweaters out of storage. But don’t weep Vancouverites, because as sad as it is to say goodbye to summer for another year, Bikram Yoga fanatics (join us) know that this means a retreat back into the hot room, warm delicious meals at home and long dark nights to rest in our comfortable beds.

A couple weeks ago we decided to add another morning class at our Cambie hot yoga studio in response to the large number of requests that we’ve received over the last year and to make room for the growing class sizes. We sent out a survey and received over 600 responses. We had a clear winner, and in response will be adding a 7:45am class time to the morning schedule at Cambie.

Because of the positive response to the class changes at the West End, we will also be keeping the evening classes on the odd hours moving into the fall.

Take a look at the new fall yoga class schedule and leave us a comment below on your thoughts!  

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