It’s 9:30am on Saturday October 1 and there’s something special going on at Cambie and 12th Avenue this morning. The word on the street is that the number of yoga mats being touted off the sky train has increased significantly and local residents swear that there is a little extra humidity in the air.

Inside City Square Mall early birds sip their lattes quietly in Starbucks while the grocerers and shop keeps begin to set up for the day. If you didn’t know better you’d think it was just another Saturday morning.

That is until you catch a glimpse through the big glass windows near the east entrance to the mall and see┬áthe fellow in the green speedos… And he seems to be surrounded by a whole troup of scantily clad and suspiciously energetic folks with towels wrapped around their shoulders and sweat on their brows. That’s right, you realize! Bikram is back on Cambie, and today is opening day!

Come into the new space with us and get an inside peek at the first day!

The new signage casts a warm glow through the mall.



Danny gets the 10:00 class all bendy in Half Moon Posture while the reflections of the gurus look on. Something tells us they approve of the spanking new digs!




















Students chill out after the 8:00am class, while the 10:00am students start filing in!











The iMacs are humming and the key fobs are beeping away as Marvin, Darrelle, and Renee chat up the studnts as they roll in.

The first lucky shoes to grace the studio floors!

It’s been a wonderful journey! Check out past blog posts of the Cambie studio as it came to be!

Were you one of the first few hotties in the studio this morning?? Tell us what you think of the space? And if you haven’t been, come by, say hello, and see what all the buzz is about!

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