The benefits of hot yoga are many, from increased strength to stress relief and relaxation. In this special series we’re highlighting 10 of these perks, each separately, to give you more reason than ever to get into the hot room in 2017!

After discovering the benefits of hot yoga when it comes to increased flexibility, we’re turning our attention to injuries, aches and pains – all of which may find relief and/or improvement in the studio. How? The heat, for starters, helps stretch stiff or arthritic joints further in comfort, promoting healing and reducing the risk of further injury and pain. Second, the tourniquet effect – i.e., where blood flow to key points of the body is blocked off and, upon release, healing, oxygenated blood flows through, nurturing the development of healthy cells and irrigating scar tissue and calcification of the joints – experienced in many of the postures can help old injuries feel better and diminish chronic pain. Third, improved circulation via looser, more flexible muscles means nutrients and oxygen can once again move properly through your body, helping to heal injuries more quickly, boosting the immune system and even improving such health problems such as asthma, arthritis or diabetes.


Over the years we have seen some incredible success stories when it comes to healing injuries and improving aches and pains right in our own studio! Click through to read each of these Hot Yoga 101 success stories – we are sure you will find them inspiring!


> After two car accidents and a hereditary disease, hot yoga marked Alice B.’s return to heavy physical exercise. Find out what motivated this former martial artist to do a 30-day challenge from the top – and discover the amazing physical improvements that occurred! Read more


> Meilyana H.’s journey from a horrific car crash that left her with metal pins in her arms and unable to walk to being virtually pain-free after just three months of hot yoga is truly incredible. Find out how this mom of three managed to “get back to beyond normal” in the hot room. Read more


> Suffering from a severe autoimmune disease that caused her to lose mobility in her spine, Vesna V. first entered the hot room in 2002. Find out how hot yoga helped her heal her ankylosing spondylitis. Read more


> With a youthful exuberance and a permanent smile on her face, it’s hard to tell that Ellen L. recently underwent hip-replacement surgery. Find out how hot yoga helped this spunky self-confessed heat-monger prepare for and recover from her operation. Read more


> As if tearing his LCL while training in jiu-jitsu wasn’t enough, Nem N. broke his left leg and ankle shortly after. After experiencing the healing powers of hot yoga, he now comes into the studio not once but twice – and sometimes even three times – a day! Read more
We’ve also posted articles on how hot yoga can help heal ACL and MCL tears, repetitive stress injuries and tight hamstrings. Next up in our series: how hot yoga can help your body detox successfully.

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