You know you’re addicted to Bikram Yoga when …
  • Facebook starts suggesting that you become friends with Bikram Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves.
  • An entire drawer in your dresser is dedicated to side-string shorts and bandeau tops.
  • You’re asked on a daily basis whether you’ve just finished doing laps at the pool.
  • You feel chilly in any temperature lower than 40 C.
  • You consider getting through class without taking a sip of water a point of pride.
  • When it comes to reciting the dialogue, you give the teachers a run for their money.
  • When anyone complains about a sore back/hip/shoulder/knee/brain/heart your prescription consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.
  • You breathe in and out using your nose – all the time.
  • If your vacation destination doesn’t include a Bikram Yoga studio, you make new plans.
  • You can’t think of a better way to celebrate your birthday than doing a double.
  • When someone asks you what time it is, you automatically respond, “Camel time.”
  • Your fridge is always fully stocked with coconut water.
  • Your life consists of a continuous series of 90-minute segments in which you are or are not practising Bikram Yoga.
  • You miss a class and the front desk staff calls to make sure you haven’t been kidnapped.
  • While all your friends are saving for a down payment on a condo, you’re putting money away for Teacher Training.
  • You have pictures of the gurus hanging in your living room.
  • You cringe when people call it “hot yoga.”
 Are you a Bikram Yoga Addict? Tell us how you know you have a Bikram Yoga Addiction by leaving a comment below (the funnier the better!). We’ll pick the best one to win a five-class gift card good at any BYV studio! Good luck!

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