Q: Is doing back-to-back doubles as effective as practising Bikram Yoga once a day on consecutive days?

A: Doing consecutive single classes helps to improve your yoga faster by improving flexibility and strength in your body. Your body remembers the depth (i.e., muscle memory) from the previous day, therefore allowing you to go a little deeper in the postures. If you take a class and then wait three to five days to do another one, you come back tight and it may feel like you are starting all over again.

Also, as you stretch deeper into your muscles and organs, you release more toxins. We increase circulation to flush out those toxins during class. If you come back the next day to do another class, you will flush out more of the toxins from the day before and therefore get a deeper detox.

If you absolutely cannot come consecutively, try to come every other day. Doing doubles is great – but don’t overdo it!

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