The 8am class about to getting all trianlgly

 Look at all the beautiful hot yoga gear!


The wonderful Cassie and Olivia.

 Loving our beautiful balloons!


Kept the fresh fruit coming out all day!

LP Activewear 50% off!

Zenzation mats looking colourful in the window! Look at the new pumpkin mat that we’re carrying. Love it!

Cocos Pure – free and chilly ALL day.

Some very colorful socks came for a visit.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of our loving students!

Cassie, Michelle and Olivia check the noon class in.

It’s Gina from our Kitsilano studio coming to join in the fun!

Cassie, Olivia and Ada behind the desk.

Home made deliciousness from another one of our fabtastic hot yoga family.

Renne and Macauley get a little cheeky with the camera

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