On January 1, 2012, I will embark on the trip of a lifetime: setting up a clinic in a village just outside of Mombasa, Kenya, and teaching 80 orphan children about health care. I can barely begin to imagine the things that I will encounter in Africa; I greatly look forward to what is certain to be an incredible adventure.

Before I leave, I wanted to reach out to you. I know that I am a hard teacher; I try to push you, as students, to your maximum. I challenge you, always expecting that you can do more and be more. I watch you struggle, witness your conquests and encourage your growth. Through this process I have learned so much about you and, in turn, about myself. Teaching you has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Like one ancient proverb says: “To learn, teach.” Through teaching Bikram Yoga, I have truly learned.

Just as I push you in yoga class, you have pushed me in the direction that I am now heading. I’ve come to realize that it really is the students who are the heart of the operation. It is your yoga, which you allow me to witness, that has encouraged me to embark on this trip.

The Karma Classes we held in December exceeded my expectations tenfold. Not only did you donate money, you donated with your heart and kind words for a cause. After the first class I was overwhelmed at the support. I honestly didn’t think anyone would show up! Besides raising $6,500 – making it possible for me to achieve my goal of $10,000 – these classes made the trip more and more real for me, not just in terms of a destination, but as a journey.

I promise to keep you posted on what I am doing; starting in mid-January, watch for updates from me on the BYV Blog. And please feel free to email me any time at laurie.fabulous@gmail.com.

Thank you, my heart warms and blessings overflow. See you in the summer!

Love, Laurie

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