From the many physical, mental and spiritual benefits to the sense of community and the sweat (oh, how we love to sweat!), we’ve compiled some of the best reasons for maintaining a steady practice. At the end of the post, tell us why you do Bikram Yoga and you could win a Traumeel gift pack!

I do Bikram Yoga because …

“I continue to crave, daily, that wonderful feeling of bliss you get 15 minutes after every class.” – Ali 
“Bikram Yoga helps me keep my ‘hot little body’ – [my daughters’] words, not mine!” –Leanne
“It teaches me how strong I can be in tough situations, both mentally and physically.” – Andi
“It helps me to balance my busy life and find peace in the short periods of quiet that appear in the day.” – Tiara
“It will surely slow down my aging process and help me recover my lost confidence and joy of life.” – Stephen Liu, 86
“It’s impossible to feel depressed when I’m doing yoga everyday.” – Sean
“Nothing comes close to offering both the physical balance and mental focus like Bikram Yoga.” – Jason
“[From a teacher’s perspective] Bikram Yoga is the most direct way for me to help my community and the people in it.” – Gabe

“Whenever I get sore muscles or any sort of injury, I go back into the yoga room to heal myself.” – Wynne
“It was my rock at a time when things felt like they were falling apart.” – Carolyn, cancer survivor
“Bikram Yoga is like real life: there are no windows or doors. When it gets hard, you can’t jump out or leave.” – Cedric

“I’ve become Forrest Gump on the soccer field – I could run forever. If I fall, I bounce right back up. You honestly do become bulletproof.” – Lisa
“I know I’ll still be going strong years down the road provided I take care of what I’ve got – and Bikram Yoga is part of that care package!” – Nate
“I’m a much better person and a much better mom; Bikram Yoga has given me back my positive energy, my clear mind and my strong body.” – Meilyana
“I gain a great deal of pleasure out of such simple things as seeing people at the yoga studio that I know and chatting before or after class.” – Hannah
“Ninety minutes to give back to the body and mind that I expect so much from every day. It’s like a sweaty present I get to give myself!” – Trevor
“For the first time in my life, I’m learning to love, accept and respect myself and my body.” – Marvin
“Bikram has become part of my life. I look forward to class every day and I enjoy every sweaty moment of it!” – Alessia
“Every time I do a class my body feels so good. Bikram Yoga really brings you back into your body.” – Danny
Your turn! Tell us why you do Bikram Yoga by leaving a comment below and you could win a Traumeel gift pack, which includes gel, ointment, eardrops, oral drops and tablets. Good luck!

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