2013 Fireworks

It wouldn’t be right to welcome 2013 without first reflecting on some of the highlights of the past year. Each and every Bikram Yoga Vancouver student, teacher and staff member has helped make 2012 our best year yet – thank you, and Happy New Year!


Andre Parfeniuk Bikram Yoga Experiment

No. 12: Remarkable Results

Our Bikram Yoga Experiment proved a regular practice can benefit every aspect of your life. Alayna, Andre, Isabel, Jennifer and Jessica all saw improvements in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health – and their completion of this challenge (five classes a week for three months) was an amazing accomplishment.


Craig Villani Teaching Bikram Yoga

No. 11: Craig’s Classes

Respected Bikram Yoga instructor Craig Villani visited Vancouver not once but twice in 2012, teaching two comprehensive classes at our Cambie Studio. Those who attended these sessions walked away with new knowledge and tips that helped strengthen and improve their practices.


 Woman helping African children

No. 10: Good Karma

We held several Karma Yoga classes in 2012 to support some really great causes. Thanks to everyone who helped raise funds to send Sean to Teacher Training, Mari to the International Yoga Asana Championship and Laurie to Africa to help provide villagers with critical health care.


Black Man Laughing

No. 9: International Love

From Jean in France to Nosh in Washington to Solitaire in New York, we befriended Bikram yogis around the world and were proud to share their stories – which included incredible weight loss, overcoming drug addiction and completing 1,000 consecutive classes – on our blog.


Kevin Jagger Speed Skater

No. 8: Training Time

Athletes in virtually every kind of sport began or continued to incorporate Bikram Yoga into their training this year. From hockey and basketball players to ultra-marathon runners and Olympic hopefuls, it’s great to see the pros up their respective games with regular stints in the hot room.


Bikram Yoga for Seniors Stephen Lui

No. 7: Never Too Old

Senior students at our studios proved it’s never too late to start practising Bikram Yoga – and reaping the benefits. Stephen Liu, in his 80s, touched us with his amazing story, and Danny’s mom, Naomi, continues to bring insight into her practice with regular blog posts.


Yoga Champions Mari Dickey

No. 6: Bronze Beauty

We practically burst with pride when Mari took third place at the 2012 International Yoga Asana Championship in June. This BYV teacher executed the five compulsory asanas and two advanced postures perfectly for the judges during her routine, nabbing bronze in the women’s category.


Teacher and Student in Classroom

No. 5: Youngest Yogis

From 17-year-old Ali (who started her Bikram Yoga journey with a bang, completing 100 classes in a row) to Jewel (who does a mean Bow Pose), our students seem to get younger and younger as the years pass! And who could forget the kids at Admiral Seymour Elementary School – these youthful yogis show and prove it’s never too early to start practising Bikram Yoga.


Mom and Daughters having fun together

No. 4: Family Matters

Bikram Yoga is definitely better together, and families who practise at BYV are living proof. From sisters Leanne and Andi and mom Lesley to Tiara and daughter Hannah to dad-and-daughter duo Urs and Nicole, we were encouraged to see more and more students sharing the gift of yoga with their loved ones in 2012.


Girl doing forward bend stretch with red yoga towel

No. 3: Photo Shoots & Radio Spots

After the Vancouver Police Department visited BYV in last December to shoot a segment for a reality TV show called The Beat, we were honoured to join radio host Tamara Stanners on The Peak and proud to be chosen by Yogitoes for a special photo shoot at our Cambie Studio.


Bikram Yoga Vancouver Cambie with Balloons

No. 2: Anniversaries & Upgrades

We celebrated the one-year anniversary of our beautiful Cambie Studio in October, and followed that up with upgrades and improvements to both our Kits and West End studios. We also revamped the BYV website this year, and launched our very own smartphone app!


Many students in yoga clothes at yoga studio

No. 1: Inspiring Students

Of course, we can’t forget about our students – you guys are the No. 1 reason we’re motivated to keep getting better each year. We were so pleased to feature so many of you on our blog in 2012 – from Russ who’s experienced an improvement in his hearing since starting Bikram Yoga to Sandra who overcame depression and an eating disorder to Vesna who won’t let an autoimmune disease keep her from the hot room – your stories will continue to inspire us in 2013 and beyond.

Tell us about your best BYV moment of 2012! Did you complete a challenge this year, conquer your most challenging posture or learn how to lock your knee? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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