BYV Talks to Dr. Divi Chandna and the Bridge Health Team

October 6, 2011 12:00 am

recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Divi Chandna and team (including re-light energy healer Ed Light and intuitive healer Georgie Durcan), where a new approach to health bridges the gap between Western medicine and Eastern spiritual approaches. See what these healers and Bikram Yogis have to say about chronic pain, yoga, intuitive healing and much more right here on the Bikram Yoga Blog!



Divi Chandna, a trained medical doctor, has been a general practitioner (GP) since 1993. Over the years, however, she’s found that Western medicine, while offering many benefits, also suffers shortcomings.

“I quickly got tired of using medications to ‘mask’ my patients’ ailments,” she says. “I saw that a person’s attitude and general approach to health has more to do with his or her outcome than the actual disease process itself.”

With that, Divi dedicated herself to learning more about the various techniques available through alternative medicine. In 2000 she discovered Bikram Yoga – a “niche” that she says “works beautifully for me.” She completed Teacher Training and opened her own studio in Victoria, where she “stumbled” across other fascinating forms of alternative therapy.

In 2004 she obtained certification in mind-body medicine – which includes the basics of meditation, visualization, imagery and deep breathing techniques – and went on to study at the College of Medical Intuition in Surrey, where she learned to harness her intuition skills.

Today Divi takes two approaches to human health, using Western conventional medicine (offering GP services covered by MSP) and Eastern spiritual practices (her gifts as an intuitive in particular) to help people reach their maximum health and ultimate potential, and achieve balance in their lives – mentally, physically and emotionally.



Ed Light, a former social worker, used to be heavily into sports. When he first started practising Bikram Yoga, he thought it would serve as a “great cross-training and stretching routine” to complement his athletics. But as the mental benefits and relaxation effects of the yoga took place, he decided to look deeper.

Ed eventually became certified in . He says that he “remains in awe of watching the success stories” that occur among his clients thanks to this powerful form of energy medicine.



Georgie Durcan, a Reiki master, energy healer, wellness coach, pilates trainer, exercise and health coach, nutritional therapist, weight-loss specialist, massage therapist and counsellor (phew!), left Ireland for Vancouver in 2010 with her husband in tow.

“When my gut tells me to do something, my husband knows not to question it,” she laughs, adding that she felt “guided” to bring her unique intuitive abilities, which she uses to help people manage and recover from various ailments, to Canada.

In 1997, in the midst of a busy corporate career, Georgie suffered serious trauma and a major illness that left her hospitalized for months. Despite much pain and uncertainty, she never gave up hope. “Something kept me going when everything was stacked against me,” she says. “I now know that ‘something’ was my spirit guiding me and keeping me strong. I started to listen and connect with the deeper wisdom of my soul and to begin the healing process.”

Her first Reiki treatment sparked a major shift in her life and the release of emotional, physical and spiritual blocks from her body. It also kick-started a journey of self-healing, which included learning to effectively channel and teach others how to connect with their spirit, their truth and the unconditional love that resides within us all.

Using various techniques, Georgie clears energies that create imbalance to heal her clients’ past wounds and blockages on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. “I use my intuition and the loving guidance I receive to help find the root causes of their suffering, anxiety, pain and unease,” she explains. “The focus is on helping them develop emotional awareness of their underlying beliefs, thoughts and behavioural patterns, so they can make more positive, holistic choices in life.”



Intuitive healing involves tapping into blockages that are happening on a deeper, spiritual level to find out why your body is reacting physically (often in the form of chronic pain, mental anguish and/or disease). Intuitive and energy healers at The Bridge Health are able to “tune into” their clients to provide guidance on what steps should best be taken toward recovery.

“It’s about removing the blocks that the mind is creating,” Georgie explains. “Usually, when you’re acting in a way that’s preventing you from being your true self in life, this manifests itself as a physical condition like back pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety or stress, which can cause a lot of pain and suffering. It’s your spirit telling you through your body that you’ve steered off course.”

All three healers – Divi, Ed and Georgie – are Bikram Yoga practitioners, which, according to Divi, “not everyone sticks with, but the lessons one can learn are quite good.”

Meditation, she adds, is the key to developing one’s intuitive powers. “We’re all born with this gift [of intuition], but so many of us lose it over time or forget it’s even there,” she explains. “But once we start meditating on a regular basis – 20 minutes to one hour a day – it can be regained. This is something that you start to learn in Bikram Yoga, through .”

Divi, a former triathlete, began doing Bikram Yoga when her body hurt. “My massage therapist recommended that I try it, so I went to my first class on a Friday night,” she says. “ was my first teacher. I noticed the benefits right away, but it wasn’t until Teacher Training, which was this intense time when I was practising twice a day, that I started to hear an inner voice speaking to me. When you’re that broken down physically you start to tune in. You don’t have a choice.”

“To really tune into yourself you really need to be in stillness,” Georgie adds. “By lying in Savasana and connecting your body and mind, you’re learning to still the body for meditation, which can then be done outside the yoga room. Simple stillness has amazing benefits; it can help you to listen and hear what your own spirit wants you to do, and to tap into that inner guidance that everything is going to be OK. It’s all about awareness, acceptance and action.”

“For me, Bikram Yoga shuts my mind and lets me tune in,” echoes Ed. “But it really depends on the person. If your intention going into a Bikram Yoga class is to get a good physical workout, then you’re likely not going to ‘get’ the stillness. The same applies to those who stop tuning into their spirits the moment they leave the mat. You have to take all the love and compassion that you gain for yourself inside the yoga room and practise and apply it in the outside world.”



The Bridge Health offers a one-day workshop that teaches powerful tools to help you connect with yourself and rebalance your life. The next seminar is happening on Saturday, October 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost is $99. Space is limited, so phone 604-739-3484 to reserve your spot! For more information, visit .

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