Alright, so we’ve all had that moment where we have a little chuckle to ourselves at the funny things we do. Whether it’s yoga brain, weird cravings, or before and after class rituals, I’m sure you are guilty a few of the hilarious submissions on this list:

1. “I’ve done a double back-to-back and walked straight into DQ.” BYV teacher

2. “I’ve had to come back for my mat in the change room every single day for 3 years. Talk about yoga brain.” BYV student

3. “I try to beat the pregnant ladies to the pregnancy corner.” BYV Staff

4. “When I first started quitting smoking I used to smoke right before class so that class would be a punishment! It must have worked because I finally managed to quit! Haha!” BYV student

5. “I go to the front just to get a better view of myself. I’m not concerned with my postures, it’s pure vanity.” BYV Staff

6. “My boyfriend thanks Bikram Yoga for my new and improved personal hygiene.” BYV newbie

7. “I follow Bikram Yoga on twitter and refresh about 30 minutes before class and pray that the studio has been closed for a fluke reason to avoid going to class, haha. The mind can be so desperate sometimes.” BYV regular

8. “If I’m practicing with my boyfriend we hold hands during the last Savasana. It’s a simple reminder of our love, support, and encouragement of one another. Even if it should be alone time – haha.” BYV Manager

9. “I follow teachers on the schedule who open the door more. It’s true and I know at least 10 other people who do too! Haha” BYV student

10. “I purposefully practice behind a teacher if there is one in the room, their presence makes me hold my postures longer than I can when I’m on my own. So weird!” BYV newbie

Keep up the hard work and Namaste,

Bikram Yoga Vancouver

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