Check out this interview by Yogin’ It of the First Lady of Bikram Yoga: Rajashree Choudhury. Rajashree – a world-class yogi in her own right – is president and founder of the United States Yoga Federation, president of the International Yoga Sports Federation and creator of the pregnancy-friendly version of her husband’s series.

“Yoga is my life,” says Rajashree, who is a huge advocate of children’s yoga and hopes to make yoga a competitive sport at the Olympic level. “You just need a mat, and you don’t need anything else, only your body and your time. … You have a room and a teacher and you just follow what they’re saying, and yoga helps. Without any medicine, without any chemical compound – we call yoga a non-drug therapy. … Open your mind, keep the heart open, let the magic begin and let the yoga heal you.”

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