Shakti Activewear

The clear winner among teachers is Shakti, with its great fit, easy-to-care-for fabric and gorgeous patterns. The women’s side-string shorts – a Shakti original – allow a greater range of motion for all those bendy Bikram postures.

“Shakti has been the hands-down favourite,” says Roxy M. “The side-string shorts are particularly versatile in terms of adjustment according to one’s preference of shorter or longer wear of the shorts. The material is exceptionally comfortable.”

Chikum: Advanced Yoga Wear & Care

Another teacher-pleaser when it comes to clothes that hold up in the hot room is Chikum. Designed and made locally by Bikram Yoga instructor Moni El Batrik, Chikum has, “without a doubt … redefined hotness in yoga wear,” says BYV’s Aurora D.

“I love the pieces I have from Chikum; it feels good to support local, independent and creative, passionate people like Moni,” adds Tanya C.  “Moni knows what feels good while bending and sweating. I appreciate the attention to detail. Moni’s yoga line is different and fun, definitely not boring! The high-waisted shorts are a crowd-pleaser every time I wear mine!”

The Sweatshop

Judy Lei’s ultimate goal in life is to “make sure your boobies don’t fall out mid-class.” To that end her company – The Sweatshop – creates custom-made, hand-sewn tube tops from high-wicking microfibre fabric that’s perfect for Bikram Yoga. You choose the fit and fabric, and leave the rest to Judy.

Roxy M., who is a big fan of the Sweatshop brand, says, “The bandeau tops are very comfortable, with unique fabrics and designs. There is the option of even having these custom-made.”

Light Activewear

Judy and her sister, Michelle, are also co-founders of Light Activewear: very cool hot-yoga clothes for women and men. Guys will love the Alpha Men Shorts, which provide unrestricted movement in class, and girls will go gaga over the Stella Pleated Skort – a skirt/shorts combo guaranteed to “make any bum sexy.” Plus, the fact that Light Activewear is locally designed makes Katie K., who likes to “support the community,” really happy.


Price and longevity are also important factors in choosing yogawear – especially when you’re practising multiple times a week and washing your shorts on a daily basis.

“I like Onzie’s lightweight fabric, colours, prints and price point,” says Tanya C. “I’ve been told the designer is also a Bikram Yoga teacher, so it just makes sense why I’m drawn to the line. Onzie is simple and basic, and affordable!”

What’s your favourite brand of Bikram Yoga gear? Let us know in the comments below!

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