No. 5: Stretch it Out

When Tanya C. takes the time to stretch before class, she feels “most connected” to her body and breath. “The best way to start my day is yoga in the morning,” she adds. “So good!”


No. 4: Super Soaker

For Aurora D., whose evening practice usually occurs after work, giving her feet a quick rinse in the studio showers before entering the hot room is “invigorating” and helps her “get into the mindset.”


No. 3: Eat Right

Bikram Yoga on a full meal … usually a bad deal. But practising on an empty stomach can also compromise your class. That’s why Roxy M. says timing your meals is so crucial. “I prefer to practise late morning to early afternoon, so I find it important to have a good breakfast.” For evening practitioners, Gabe S. suggests “half a sandwich for dinner; no buffet.”

(Find Bikram Yoga-friendly recipes right here on our blog!)


No. 2: Healthy Hydration

For many teachers, the key to a great class is proper hydration. Katie K. drinks water “before and after class, never during my practice,” and her electrolyte drink of choice is Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Lemon Lime.

Roxy M. calls good hydration “imperative. Water seems sufficient most times, though sometimes I have coconut water before class. I like to bring an electrolyte drink with me to the room, as I tend to sweat profusely and risk cramping at times. My preferred method is using Elete electrolyte drops mixed with water.”


No. 1: No Expectations

For Rea A., the best tip for pre-class prep is none at all. “I go in with no expectations and try my best,” she says.

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