Tracy is one of those Bikram Yoga teachers who can truly help you improve your practice, no matter what level you’re at. Find out why she does what she does, below …

Tell us about your very first Bikram Yoga class: when and where was it, why did you go and what was the experience like?

My first class was at the old Cambie studio, when I was in college. I decided to go with a friend one day after school to give it a try, mostly because I wanted to lose weight. I tried my best to concentrate on what the teacher was saying and watch how the people around me did the postures, but the room was pretty hot and stuffy, and I found myself praying for class to finish! After, despite feeling tired and achy, I decided I liked the experience – I felt relaxed and relieved of all stress.

When did you decide you wanted to become a teacher, and why?

I liked that first class so much, I decided to buy a package to keep doing Bikram Yoga. At the beginning I came every day, so I got to know the teachers really well and they helped me with my postures. After two years, someone suggested I go to Teacher Training to learn even more about the yoga. I was so shy, though, I was afraid I wouldn’t be a good yoga instructor. However, with encouragement from teachers and friends, I finally decided to go to TT in the fall of 2006.

How often do you practise Bikram Yoga these days?

Between five and seven days a week.

Would you consider your practice perfect, or are there still some aspects of it you’re working on?

There are some postures I need to work on, like Locust Pose – I still can’t shift the weight to my arms in order to lift my both legs up straight perpendicular to the floor. For Bow, I still can’t see my feet when I lift my legs over my head.

What do you love most about practising Bikram Yoga?

I can exercise every part of my body to keep it in good condition. Some people may not like the idea of sweating so much but, for me, all that perspiration leaves me feeling light and relaxed!

What do you love most about teaching Bikram Yoga?

Seeing students gradually improve in their practice, from poor posture to proper form, from overweight to an ideal body shape and from problems and pain to overall improvement in their health. My goal is to help all of my students achieve their goals and heal their problems by teaching them to do the postures in a precise and proper way. I hope that my students, at all levels, leave their stress and pain in the hot room, and feel peace and calm in class.

With some very hot weather upon us, do you have any tips on maintaining one’s practice throughout the summer months?

Yes! Set a goal for the summer months and, if you achieve it, treat yourself! For example, decide to do a morning class, then enjoy the sun for the rest of the day. You deserve it!

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