The Author

Michael Harris has endured several “big falls” in his life. At 12 years old he lost a large portion of his liver in an accident; by 16, he was an alcoholic. In 1986, at the age of 27, he was diagnosed with a condition of the blood vessels that leads to narrowing and hardening of the arteries that supply the legs and feet. Surgeons performed bypass surgery on Michael’s legs, believing he’d lose one or both limbs via amputation. When additional blockages appeared, more surgery was recommended. Michael refused, leaving the hospital on a cane.

After practising various types of yoga for several years, Michael stumbled into the hot room for the first time in 1993; soon, he was learning how to heal himself through Bikram Yoga. He went on to complete teacher training and open two studios in Oregon. Today, Michael continues to train regularly with Rajashree and Bikram Choudhury and and Emmy Cleaves. He’s a senior faculty member at Bikram’s International Headquarters, conducting posture clinics and teaching new “teachers in training.” Michael’s also been certified to judge local, national and international Hatha Yoga Championships.


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The Book

Falling Down Getting Up is about an incredible journey. Once Michael gets you through the gory details of the mess he found himself in early on in life, he reveals what he did to get back up. But far from being about the author, this book is about YOU, and the place we all go when we struggle. With integrity, compassion and wisdom, Michael details the power of Bikram Yoga and how you, too, can overcome virtually anything through regular practice – and by facing your struggles with determination and courage. If you want to see yoga principals come alive and learn how they can help you, order Falling Down Getting Up today!

The Reviews

“Michael Harris has written a moving and meaningful book that we can all draw strength, inspiration and hope from. The title of his book is perfect – yet doesn’t prepare the reader for just how many times, and how many ways, Michael fell down, got back up again and created a life of wholeness and service to others. Kudos and congratulations – highly recommended reading!” – Dr. Georgianna Donadio

“I would buy this book for anyone who wanted a copy, and I mean it. I think it belongs in the hands of millions! Michael’s story is awe-inspiring. There are many who have not experienced a life as treacherous as Michael’s and yet there are those who have – and either person can benefit from his simple, kind delivery of a message of hope and action. I really feel this book has the potential to reach those in desperation and also those needing a little help to live their life fuller. I highly recommend this book!” – Amazon review

While I have known Michael Harris for over three years, I am shocked and amazed by his life story! Michael has been my yoga teacher, mentor and friend, and while I have heard inklings of his past life, I never knew the extent of his triumph until I read this book. Michael has encouraged me to use my yoga practice as a tool to overcome adversity in my life, and now I understand why. If you want to know how yoga works, and how it can truly change your life … read this book!” – Amazon review

The Contest

Want to win six months of unlimited Bikram Yoga? This special prize is being offered by Michael Harris to mark the release of his first book, Falling Down Getting Up. Click the link and enter today for your chance to win; the winner will be announced on Friday, July 27!

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