1. Breathe fully in every pose … and only through my nose!
  2. Keep my sense of humour in class; practise the postures with a smiling, happy face.
  3. Move my mat over for someone who comes in late, as a good deed.
  4. Stay at peace within myself, no matter what is going on around me in the hot room.
  5. Lock my knee and kick out every time in Standing Head to Knee Pose.
  6. Only drink water when the teacher gives the go-ahead. Eventually, I’d like to try a “water-less” class.
  7. Practice the postures I want to improve at home or after class.
  8. Stop checking the schedule and basing my practice times on who is teaching. Also, put my mat down in a different place each class – I’m too “married” to my favourite spot!
  9. Stop coming out of postures early, especially Triangle Pose!
  10. Enter myself in the next yoga competition that comes to Vancouver.
  11. Do at least one 30- or 60-day challenge in the next year.
  12. Stop wiping the sweat (it will only come back!).
  13. Develop the self-discipline to practice yoga alone.
  14. Save up enough money to go to Teacher Training!
  15. Try the postures the right way, give 100% and receive all of the benefits.

What are your New Year’s Yoga Resolutions? Leave your comment below!


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