Hot Yoga Testimonials: We Love Bikram Yoga!

January 2, 2014 9:12 pm



Whether the benefits are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, Bikram Yoga Vancouver students love this practice for a many reasons! Read our latest testimonials post and tell us why you love practising Bikram Yoga – we want to hear from you!

Why do you love Bikram Yoga?


Alayna SilverbergAlayna S.

“The joy I feel when I watch myself transform before my eyes from one week to another.”

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Sandy M.

“The challenge, the heat, the sweat, the weight loss, the flexibility I’m getting back … what’s not to love?!”


Ingrid EIngrid E.

“Taking a whole 90 minutes just for me.”



Helen C.

“It teaches you so much on so many levels!”




Joey WuJoey W.

“The discipline it develops.”









Nicole BurnhamNicole B.

“Developing self-awareness as you learn to fall in love with yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, day by day.”








Keith - Bikram Yoga VancouverKeith Powell

“I look and feel younger!”

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Noa GlowNoa G.

“Yoga helps to reduce my stress – that’s the main reason I practice daily.”

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Jason LoutittJason Loutitt

“Nothing comes close to offering both the physical balance and mental focus.”

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Jacob Best Standing Head to Knee PoseJacob B.

“The mental strength, dedication and determination that I have developed in yoga definitely influence the rest of my life, as well.”

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“Yoga has made the journey of seeking self-improvement and happiness more tangible and hopeful, and has given me some beautiful guidance as to where to look.”

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“Yoga is my quiet place, all the noise and the BS just fade away.”

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Why do you love Bikram Yoga? Leave a comment below and we may feature you on our next Bikram Yoga Testimonials post!

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