Bikram Yoga Transformation & Weight Loss

This New York yogi is truly inspirational. Practising at Bikram Yoga Grand Central, Kent changed his entire body – and his life – in the hot room. Read his incredible story now …

How did your transformation begin?

Long story short, I looked at myself in the mirror one day and hated what I saw. I was going through some personal stuff at the time that was really, really breaking me down. That very moment in the mirror I made a promise to get back up and take my life back. A 20-second decision I made changed my whole world around me.

When did you start practising Bikram Yoga?

I started practising Bikram Yoga in March 2011. I’d always heard about it, but hadn’t tried it. One day a friend of mine bought an intro deal online – some kind of coupon – and asked me to come with her. At first I said no, and she got a little upset. The second day I was up in the studio for the first time. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Why do you think Bikram Yoga works so well?

Before yoga, when I wanted to change my body, I started doing some jogging (related article: Ultra Marathon runner Jason Loutitt). I was dropping some pounds but my knees were killing me and my body was a bit loose. When I found Bikram Yoga it took me to another level that I’d been searching for. As I started practising I realized that my way of thinking was shifting. I became more aware of my body, I felt more focused. It helped me work out so much within myself.

Bikram Yoga Transformation & Weight LossWhat do you love best about Bikram Yoga?

The number 1 thing I love about Bikram Yoga is the connection of the mind and the body. Keeping them connected during the entire class provides tremendous benefits.

What’s your best advice for other students?

It’s a different workout. Come with an open mind; don’t focus on the heat. Just listen and breathe. When you’re going through major changes, be prepared to let go. There are things, people, habits, thoughts that just vanish in the process. Trust that it’s for the best.

Do you have any words encouragement for those thinking about trying Bikram Yoga?

All I can say is it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself and also for others, because I know that my behaviour and attitude reflects on others as well. It’s more than yoga – it’s a worldwide community within itself.

Have you had a Bikram Yoga Transformation of your very own? We’d love to hear your story or perhaps even feature it on the Bikram Yoga Vancouver blog. Comment below!

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