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Read and share all the incredible benefits of Bikram Hot Yoga for men, from the brain to the bedroom, to your partners, dads, brothers, and boyfriends!

Hot Yoga Benefits in the bathroom:

  • Various postures within the Bikram series compress and work the digestive system. This flushes your digestive organs with fresh oxygenated blood, regulating normal functioning and organ vitality. Forget yogurt! Get regular.
  • Compression of the throat helps to regulate the thyroid. This stimulation of the thyroid improves metabolism and nutrient absorption. Get more out of less.
  • Wind-removing pose massages the ascending, descending and transverse colon, regulates and normalizes hydrochloric acid levels in stomach and may cure conditions of constipation, flatulence, and hyperacidity. You won’t have to worry about irregular digestion as long as you maintain a healthy diet that is right for your body!

Benefits in the bedroom:

  • Improved flexibility. Need we say more?
  • Eagle pose increases circulation to the reproductive organs improving organ function and vitality. Intensity and sensitivity where it matters most.
  • The floor series strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. This helps to maintain bladder control and sexual sensitivity – especially in women. Good reason to bring your cute new gf along with you.
  • Bikram Yoga is known to promote better sleep and you might even need to sleep less! More energy, more time, more stamina!
  • Bikram says himself, “Bikram yoga is good for marathon sex! Once you do Bikram yoga you can’t get it down for 72 hours!” We didn’t say it, he did.

Benefits in the bar:

  • Bikram Yoga is amazing for improvements in your posture and body awareness. Look as confident as you feel!
  • Practicing regularly teaches you to hold your mind in a focused and meditative state. You will see significant improvements in your attention and listening abilities—especially while hearing the cutie across from you discuss the funny thing their cat did this morning for the second time.
  • Your water intake should double naturally if you do yoga every day. More hydrated / less hungover. Win-win.
  • Many people notice decreased anxiety and depressed symptoms when they are doing yoga. Forget that social anxiety, you’ll gain the confidence to walk right up and catch that passing eye.

Benefits in the brain:

  • Bikram Yoga helps to cultivate a sense of well-being and a more peaceful mind. This is a great pathway to a fulfilling life starting with a commitment to your health and self-care.
  • Practicing this series involves an integration of both sides of the brain to improve memory, learning, body co-ordination and balance. This could probably help you in the bar too. 😉
  • Savasana, or dead body pose, helps to improve concentration, mindfulness, and focus. Reduce the stress in your life, become self-aware, and balance emotions with taking the time to focus on your breath, find stillness, and truly relax.
  • Bikram yoga strengthens mental determination and commitment. Do you have a problem finishing what you start? See your projects through to the end.

Benefits in the body:

  • Gives the body a cardiovascular workout without negative impacting forces on the major joints. Improve your heart condition and endurance without gaining more injuries.
  • The series builds muscle strength and flexibility. Stay strong and limber as the years pass.
  • Endocrine and exocrine glands are massaged and stimulated to better functioning. Regulate your hormones – avoid mood swings, do yoga!
  • Improvement in T-cell function and your immune system. Everyone hates a runny nose…
  • Improvement in your lymphatic system. Regulate your water retention while avoiding infections and viruses.
  • Improves back conditions of pain and misalignment. Car accidents, cubicles, and scoliosis – oh my!
  • Regulation of the prostate gland in postures like standing bow pose and floor bow pose helps to keep hormone functioning stable.



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