Awkward Pose: Utkatasana

Awkward Pose YogaAwkward Pose YogaAwkward Pose YogaThis Bikram Yoga position continues warming up the body for the rest of the hot yoga series and helps build strength in the limbs and bring fresh blood to the knees and ankles. Say goodbye to cold feet, yogis!

Benefits of Awkward Pose

  • Strengthens and firms all muscles of the legs and upper arms
  • Increases hip flexibility and relieves muscular aches and cramps
  • Heals chronically cold feet
  • Increases the circulation to the knees and ankles
  • Helps to relieve rheumatism and arthritis in the legs and helps to cure slipped discs and other problems of the lower spine

Tips for Awkward Pose

  • Keep a six inch gap between the knees feet and hands – make sure all are parallel to the floor
  • Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and down throughout all three stages of the posture
  • Focus on stretching our your arms to ease the exhaustion
  • All five fingers should be together and energized
  • Breathing always normal

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